Monday, September 21, 2009

Ultimate Bet Bonus Experience

The first thing I love about this code is that it comes from one of the most trusted names in online poker. Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars represent the top echelon of online poker for US players at the current moment in time and for the international community you could also toss in Party Poker, Titan Poker and maybe Paradise Poker as well with the recent demise of Poker Room. All of these online poker rooms are trusted and Ultimate Bet, through inclusion in this group, is easily one of the better online poker sites as far as the trust issue is concerned. Because this bonus code is from Ultimate Bet, you can rely on it delivering what it has promised. Ultimate Bet has a lot invested in their operation and for that reason will be quick to point out when there are false bonus codes flying around the internet. This is not one of those situations.

Another thing I love about this code is the amount of money it promises. Many of the false codes make exaggerated claims, but you know the Ultimate Bet 111% up to $1100 code is legit because that is the same advertisement you can see on all of the Ultimate Bet banners. When this is taken into account alongside the good name of the Ultimate Bet operation, you know that the bonus code is ultimately one that you can trust.